ISL offers innovative funding techniques to companies requiring flexible financing solutions in changing times.

Our products provide a complete solution to asset lifecycle management with cost effective strategies that reduce financial exposure.

ISLís unsurpassed understanding of the technology business together with our unique financial products provide an original and comprehensive service to the individual needs of our customers.

The IT age presents us with new scenarios of a companyís assets. The lifecycle of the IT asset is usually shorter than the traditional old economy asset and therefore has to be managed differently. With the advances in technology forever challenging us to upgrade our equipment, the need to rent this equipment is essential.


Years of dedicated service to our customers have earned us the reputation of leading independent rental company in our area of expertise.
ISL currently has assets in excess of R200 million in our rental register with assets varying from a R4000 fax to a R10 million state of the art printing network.
Our clients include Sole proprietors, Partnerships, Close Corporations, (Pty) Ltd, Ltd, Section 21, N.G.O.ís, Governments, Schools