Do you know what an ACCESS RENTAL is?

This is the age of availability 7x24x365 days a year, day and night, week after week. The IT age.

Customer loyalty is a mouse click away from jumping to the competition when your business is not running efficiently. If end - to - end availability is how you stay ahead of the pack, donít let technology problems diminish your competitive edge.

Computer technology changes every 18 months, forcing you to rebuild your system almost as often. Its costly and time consuming. But starting today itís no longer necessary. 

ISLís unique ACCESS RENTAL option is infinitely flexible, allowing you to ride the technology curve without having to start from scratch every time you need to upgrade your equipment. In short obsolescence becomes obsolete.
Companies will benefit from using computers, not from owning them.

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Instead of buying products that will gradually become obsolete - you rent what you need now and you replace it when necessary.

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